Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding of Kap and Myles

Thursday April 30th my brother Myles married his girl Kap. The day before the wedding, there was a rehearsal. I been ask to assist and before I know what happen I became the guy that brings the bride. They came with a funny tag. “Escort of the bride”.
This is Kap, the lovely bride.
She is so pretty and she was so nervous that day.
Me in a tux

Escorting the bride

The ceremony

My brother Myles and my sister in law Kap, dancing.
Am I a lucky brother in law? Yes! Welcome Kap.

Later Tim came to. We did try to hide but look what we catch.
Dad was just laughing.
Think he want all his boys get married.
Ps. Thank you, dad, for the great pictures.

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