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Delicious Fruits That Will Increase Your Sex Drive 
                                   and Make You Extremely Horny!
There is nothing like the summer sun and the smell of fruit. Have you ever noticed how sexy fruit can be?
Just talking about ripping into a juicy, succulent mango can be like foreplay.

1. Papaya

The papaya looks like the passionate depths of a woman’s intimacy. Those dark fleshy seeds invite you to dive inside and explore the moist fruit beneath. It makes complete sense; in Guatemala the papaya is used to boost a woman’s sexual desire and encourages fertility because it has compounds that are similar to estrogen. In some cultures it is known to increase milk in nursing mothers, aid in childbirth and promote healthy menstruation.

2. Coconut

Coconut has many (sexy) uses. Coconut oil is great for a massage
and a safe lubricant. Not only is it silky smooth, but anti-fungal,
anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Bonus: it’s edible, too! The sweet and
refreshing scent of coconut enhances your mood and provides stress relief. Beware though, coconut oil can damage latex condoms, please use responsibly! The juice of a young coconut also aids in keeping your body hydrated and promoting lustful energy as a result of the natural sugars and anti-aging hormone called kinetin.
3. Banana

The banana is the definition of a tease. But it is not just a banana’s phallic shape that can get you going. The potassium is used in the production of sex hormones. Another great substance found in bananas is bromelain; good for a boost to those sexual feelings. Bromelain is an enzyme that fights impotency in men. Stock up. The banana also stimulates the production of serotonin, which can improve sleep and elevate mood (serotonin is a “feel good” hormone).

4. Cherries

There’s a reason the cherry is so popular. It is sexy. The cherry has even been referred to as “the fruit of fire.” In no time you have cherry stained lips ready for some serious action. Cherries have that little playful burst of sweetness that gushes into your mouth with a little “Pop!” Women in movies use them to seduce those ruggedly handsome men. There is nothing about a cherry that isn’t sexy. What is really sweet about cherries is that they can regulate the rhythm of your heart. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? You see the cherry has substances called anthocyanins, which fight against clogged arteries and protect your artery walls.

5. Watermelon

Great for the cardiovascular system thanks to citrulline (another amino acid) which clears up those blood vessels, watermelon will help pump you up. They are also playful and sexy! It is always easier to get hot in the summer, which is what watermelon brings to mind for many. Babes in bikini’s, topless dudes, and watermelon eating contests turned sexy. 
Slurp it up, guys.

6. Raspberries

Raspberries are small and plump, sometimes with a dewdrop of tasty red juice in the center. But there is a little known fun fact about these morsels of fruit. Raspberries are used to treat erectile dysfunction, just like the kiwi fruit. High in vitamin C and a passionate red, raspberries will encourage the production of sex hormones such as estrogen, androgen and progesterone.

7. Mangoes

If you’re eating mangoes, you won’t need the coconut oil. Not only does the mango calm your emotions but it provides moistening fluids to your body, keeping you dewy. The mango is fun to share as it makes a wet, dripping mess. Throw in that energy boost from natural sugars and you have yourself a long lasting, messy, mango sharing time. Full of vitamin E, mangoes are essential for increasing sex hormones.

8. Pomegranate

They’re even better for sharing than the mango. Pomegranates are the fruit of creativity and get your blood pumping by helping your body produce nitric oxide. This substance opens your blood vessels to help your heart pump blood to all of the necessary places. So as you nibble on those lush pomegranate seeds, it is a good time to come up with new and exciting positions.

9. Figs

Probably the most surprising, figs have quite the sexual appeal. The interior is pink and fleshy; their scent is musky and sexual, as is their flavor. Just like the pomegranate, figs aid in the production of nitric oxide. And if it takes a little danger to get you going, take heed of the fig wasp that makes its home deep inside the figs plump inner flowers. Physically, the fig closely resembles the female anatomy and can have a warm, sticky interior from absorbing that hot sun all day.

10. Avocado

The avocado is full of potassium, which improves your stamina and is good for blood flow. Avocados grow in trees which are known as the testicle tree because of the avocado’s shape, and they tend to grow in pairs. This means if you take a banana, two avocados and make a fruit salad, you have all the male genitalia in a bowl.

11. Goji Berries

Commonly used as a sexual tonic, goji berries do more than increase testosterone levels in men. They are also known to increase a woman’s sex drive. These little berries brighten the spirit and encourage cheerfulness as well. Commonly found dried, the goji berries keep the prostate healthy. Your doctor should warn you that because the goji berries can increase your sexual activity, your PSA (prostate-specific antigens) may increase, but it is not harmful. So rev those engines and take some goji berries for a drive!

12. Dates

What is sexier than having a hot date? Full of concentrated, natural sugars, dates are great for an energy and mood boost. If you’re worried about your time, pop some dates in your guzzler. The amino acids that these succulent fruits contain will increase your stamina and improve your sexual desire due to the improved production of hormones. That is one hot, fruity date.

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