Sunday, March 10, 2013


Saturday we celebrated the 54th anniversary of Barbie at T.R.A.C.S with a DOLL PARTY.
DJ "Ken" Rik had RL issues so DJ "Chucky" Tim had to take over.
In the short time he had, Tim made a great set of tunes and a lot of songs that did fitted in theme. I made a Barbie trivia and at the end of it, Curtis and Jace told me that they not hear the questions. Seems I did hang the Trivia ball, after the changes I made last week, to far away.
Here are some of the pictures I made.
▲ Curtis and Jace
▲ Norbie
▲ Alvei, Truposz and Caasper
▲ DJ Tim
▲ we had 2 Pinocchio's. Fio and Rod 
▲ Mike, Ellbee and Lena
▲ Norbie in the Barbie box Rik made
▲ Christo
▲ Stella on a string

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