Monday, March 11, 2013

A builder exploring Second Life

Last Friday I was reading Eddi Haskell's blog about the Second Life Destination: Roche.
It made me curious, especially when he wrote:
"Roche is a magical place. Benja and I thought it was one of the most realistic builds we have ever seen in Second Life."
I asked Tim and Rod to join me to explore Roche Sunday. Sadly Tim did not come online so Rod and I went together.
Roche looks empty and abandoned. But it is not a ghost town. The train station is still in use although the rail tracks suddenly ends. Trains not will arrive but a boat dock is still in use. There is a hot dog stand where we arrived (Yes, Tim you missed that), and in the waiting room somebody for got his bag.
You can get a free bicycle from the dispenser, to ride across this rural island, but Rod and I took a walk. We saw a farm, a cafĂ© and a bakery all with lot of details. And for the details I came to Roche and I was generous rewarded. Thank you, Eddi, for this valuable suggestion.     
Roche is a Homestead and from the maximum of 3750 prims, a little more than 100 are left to use. 
Please look for yourself and feel as I, deeply impressed.

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