Monday, March 18, 2013

Bizarre Party @ T.R.A.C.S

Saturday the Welsh Rugby Union caused, on the closing day of the Six Nations Championship, for a sensation. The Welshmen defeated England with 30-3. The biggest victory ever, and thus also grabbed the title in the famous ' Six Nations '.
So it was not such a surprise that Dean had to celebrate that with some alcohol in RL, so he was late but did a good job after he could take it over from Tim.
Our guest deep dived into there inventory and came eccentric, extraordinary, fantastic, freakish, grotesque, ludicrous, odd, ridiculous, unusual or just weird.
Here are the pictures I made.
▲ Tim
▲ Ellbee
▲ Christo
▲▼ Alvei and Truposz
▲▼ the big ass is Rob
▲ Dodo and Heloq
▲ Racker
▲ Curtis

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