Monday, February 18, 2013


No, we did not kill bulls but our guest had a lot of fun riding the bull.
DJ Rik took the bull by the horns and played a great set with a lot of pasodoble songs.

Here are the pictures I made.
▲ DJ Rik
▲ Ellbee
▲ Coco
▲▼ Ben and Ben riding the bull
▲▼ Alvei, Martin and Lena
▲ Coco & Truposz
▲ Alvei and Martin
▲▼ Przemko on the bull
▲▼ Gany
▲▼ Suddenly we had a herd. Not of bulls but of cows.
▲▼ Martin, Alvei and Lena performing there weekly pose in front of the statue.
▼ The final result of the bull riding

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