Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We had a nice crowd, at the party last Saturday.
DJ Infa played a nice set of music.
With Infa came, Peter Darling as host.
Again, as always, most of the guest did there very best to be in theme.
Most funny was Caasper, who came as roasted Rooster (Chinese Zodiac).

Here are some of the pictures I made.
 ▲DJ Infa
 ▲ Jace
 ▲ Aita
 ▲ Corvius
 ▲ Ellbee
 ▲ Gay
 ▲▼ Norbie
 ▲▼Tim, Caasper and me in the back
 ▲Prince Kel and Peter
 ▲ Alvei
 ▲ Dillon


Carl said...

Great photos. I planed to see this one but RL kept me from it. Interesting shoot

Tim said...

Why do all pics with the roasted rooster show me close to it - they are manipulated ;-)

Christo Spyker said...

~ laughs~ No Tim, the pictures are not manipulated. I have no idea why you danced so close to Caasper that event. But I did notice that the rumbling sound that I heard, that evening, not came from a near thunderstorm but from your stomach. Good that there is not a hamburger sign in the Zodiac, because the party could have end in a mess.

Christo Spyker said...

Thank you, Carl. I hope to see you soon at a one of our parties.