Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Party in Sweetgrass

Today Group Notice From: Sweetgrass Sim Group, Ganymede Gynoid
The Olympic Games have ended, but it was a fine goodbye last Sunday in the disco! DJ Pierrick spinned sporty tunes and many of the visitors did gymnastics and showed their perfect condition - also by dancing! The contest is won by Ellbee Allen, Mikey and Racker Snook, congrats boys! You can see the pictures at
Press Play at the top left to start the show.

And next some of the pictures I made.

I notice a guy on the high bar that looked familiar. That swing, that smile......
No, it could not be......

Epke Jan Zonderland (born April 16, 1986) is a Dutch gymnast and 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the high bar. His nickname is "The flying Dutchman".

At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Zonderland, the University of Groningen’s medicine student, won an Olympic gold medal on the high bar with a personal best score of 16.533. His routine included a Cassina-Kovacs-Kolman combination and he did it with the kind of style that would earn him instant entry to the Dangerous Sports Club.
He is the first Dutch male gymnast to win a medal at the Olympics as well as the first Dutch gymnast (male or female) to win an individual Olympic medal.

▼Than I read his name on the back of his outfit. OMG
▲ Photo of the winners as always made by Ganymede

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