Saturday, September 10, 2011

the gay weekend clubs

Open Minds Dance Club
Best tattoos @ Open Minds!!!
Hey guys!!
 Wear your best tattoos and join us this Friday @ Open Minds,
for the hottest party on the grid!
DJ Bernard will be spinning the best tunes ever! This is a party you don't wanna miss, 
so bring your friends, and come down to Open Minds at 9 pm cet 12 slt!!!


FabulousSoul Pub
Pub friends...
We present Anything But Clothes party.....shortly ABC.....
at FabulousSoulPub..2PM SLT / 23 CET.
Ofc your shy and decent DJ didnt ever heard about it, 
luckily his co-owner knows .... really!. 
The rules NO NUDITY so cover ur intimite body parts with whatever but 
no clothes......CURIOUS!!!! 2.000 Lindens on the board, 
ur sexy host and bartenders and ofc all ur friend....
We welcome u as ever!!
The FabulousSoulPub Team

Coral Reef
Hey Guys,  we'll have a great Sunday at Coral party for you.
Party starts at 6AM SLT, 9am EDT, and 3PM CET.  

Sweetgrass Pool & Disco
According to a spokesman for the Sweetgrass Sheriffs Office robbers are on their way to held up the Bank of Sweetgrass. This perfect heist is planned on Sunday September 11th, between 21.00 and 24.00 CET (12 PM and 3 PM PDT). Communication officer DJ JRose will distract the robbers with music while the cops are closing in to take them into custody. Some cops will be undercover, dressed as robbers. 
The Bank awards 1000 L$ for the best outfit.
Norbie and the team

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