Monday, September 19, 2011

Bye Bye Norbie in Sweetgrass

Dear friends,
In the past 4 years I put with pleasure much time in managing Sweetgrass-Village and the Sweetgrass Disco. Because RL is asking more time from me, I can no longer afford time-consuming obligations in SL. Therefore the management of Sweetgrass-Village will be taken over by Lubos Hawker. The disco management will be done by Ganymede Gynoid as general manager and Aitalas Villota, Ellbee Allen, Jamy Niekerk, JennaRose and Kip Halostar as disco managers, each for one Sunday a month.
I loved to organize the past 206 parties in Sweetgrass. I could only do so thanks to the help of a devoted staff and dedicated DJ’s: Karl Huet, Ganymede Gynoid, Slim Lednev, Chi Fitzpatrick, Xon Voom, Jamy Niekerk, JennaRose Halostar and Bernard Rhiano. Incidental help was given by Gay Galli as host and by more DJ’s, too numerous to mention here.
Though I will miss managing the disco and the village, I am looking forward to spend all available time in SL, meeting my good friends and having fun together.
I am convinced that the new management team will make the disco and the village even better than it was and I wish them an inspiring and happy time in Sweetgrass.
 Hugs and kisses for you all,
 Picture of the winners is made by Gany.

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