Monday, October 25, 2010

Parties last weekend.

Open Minds
The Group Notice From: Open Minds Dance Club
Hello All :-) Open Minds will save you some time in dressing up!...come in your working clothes..... construction workers, fishermen, housewives/men ( desperates also welcome) and Strikers.....( don't want to exclude our French guests) all are welcome and 1000 lindens wait at the contest board. The DJ prepared some cool tunes, and took his notebook to write down your requests... :-) friday 22-10-2010 (10-22-2010time : noon slt / 21h CET where: Open Minds, Woodland Winds
It was also Ash's his rezday
Rock & Pop Stars party
Group Notice From: Sweetgrass Sim Group
Latin Party in Sweetgrass Pool & Disco.
The mesmerizing grooves and tantalizing rhythms of Latin music will lead you to the golden dance floor.
The spotlights are on the hot boys dancing on the music of our cutting-edge
DJ Luke Soundwalker. Doors open from 21:00-24:00 CET / 12 PM-3.00 PM PDT.
The 1000 L$ contest is for the best Latin Outfit.

RL issues made that I not been at the Sweetgrass party, so I could not make pictures.
The pictures of the Latin Party, that Ganymede made, can be viewed at

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