Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday at Open Minds DC

Dungeon Party
The original invitation
Group Notice From: Open Minds Dance Club
Days get shorter and nights longer and darker...
in every corner witches and ghosts are hiding..... Halloween is close and they will make their entrance.... Today @ Open Minds...... party in the Dungeon under the Castle! ....dark...spooky....... witches and ghosts may be early for Halloween and hunt the area today. Bring your friends, dress up in the scariest outfit and join us in the party!
Noon slt /21 h CET the carriage with driver will come to get you later!
Forgot to mention that we had this note the day before:
Group Notice From: Open Minds Dance Club
Strikes are still going on in France, and they're beginning to reach SL. As a result, DJ Bernard decided that he would not be working tomorrow night for our Friday Party. If you're a DJ or happen to know some DJs available tomorrow from 9 pm cet to 11, any help would be appreciated. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope things go back to normal soon. But DJ Bernard is NOT getting earlier retirement rights, no matter how long he remains on strike! Dillon.

Seems Open Minds have there own Nicolas

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