Saturday, May 8, 2010

A builder exploring Second Life [A Continuous Story]

Last week Tim showed me a Sim where I was before but never saw it all. So it became the continuing of my discovery of SL’s true potential for extreme realism and details. It is a collection of four Sims. Japan Kansai, Japan Kanto, Japan Chubu and China Sichuan. These Sims are owned by The Hosoi Ichiba Group, and where created by the very talented, Amiryu Hosoi.

Amiryu Hosoi.
In here SL profile I read:
Dutch Graphic Designer in RL. I am using Second Life as a design tool for my RL 3D presentations and projects.

Our exploring did start at:
Japan Shubu, Home of the famous Matsumoto Japanese Castle
Japan Shubu - featuring Matsumoto Castle. Japan's finest historic castles. Japan Shubu is part of the Hosoi Ichiba cluster of thoughtfully designed and constructed Asian-themed islands. Home of the Keibatsu Samurai Clan.
China Sichuan - land of the Great Wall of China.
The most beautiful coastline of China featuring a stunning replica of the Great Wall of China. China Sichuan is part of the Hosoi Ichiba cluster of thoughtfully designed and constructed Asian-themed islands and home of the Hosoi Mura residents.
Hosoi Mura - Edo Japanese Town, Miyagawa-Cho Okiya and RPG.
The Nakanoshima Miyagawacho Okiya is the heart of Hosoi Mura a traditional Edo Period Japanese town. The town is the decor for our Edo Period Japanese roleplay game 'Shadows on the walls'. Come over and meet our lovely geishas and Maiko.
Hosoi Ichiba - Japanese Furniture, Japanese Buildings.
Hosoi Ichiba - Classically themed Asian market surrounding an Oriental Zen Garden for meditation and quiet reflection. The place to shop for high quality traditional Japanese furniture, decoration, art, prefabs, buildings, houses, kimonos.
Think the pictures say enough. Really a great place to explore.

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