Sunday, May 9, 2010

A builder exploring Second Life [A Continuous Story]

Tim and I also went this week to Kingdoms Heart.
On this Sim are two big buildings. Both are build by Claude Zepp, builder and
owner of GAY ISLAND Resort - Lagoon and Beach
The left building on the pictures is the shop of FrozenII Hastings owner and creator of F2H gay fashion. You really can get lost in his shop. Not only because its so big but also because of the low price fashion he makes. Not forget to take the monthly freebie at the entrance.
The other building is the ROYAL THAI GALLERY.
The scale is monumental and looking from above you see the dragonfly shape of it.
Sulie Criss is the owner and he not only has his events expeditions in the gallery but he also sells them. For builders he have textures of hand carved solid teak doors.
The place is so big that Tim was exhausted at the end of our tour that he needed a rest on one of the big couches.

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