Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ruth and de-Ruth

Ruth is dead. Long live the Ruth!
"Ruth" was the codename for the default loading avatar, a short human female with tuxedo style clothing, short, straight red hair, and white skin, who terrified many Residents. When Ruth was combined with other avatar elements, such as prim hair or beards, the results could be particularly bizarre. The phenomenon was so common, that Ruth became a part of SL's culture.
Upon teleporting or logging in to the system, avatars sometimes revert to the default shape and appearance, especially if the grid is experiencing difficulty, and may or may not include any current attachments or clothing currently assigned to them.
To force the avatar to the correct shape and appearance, users can rebake*  their textures, teleport to another location, or log out and log back into the system.
If you're grimacing, you've been touched by Ruth! Be not afraid... as of Second Life 1.20, she's gone at last, faded into the annals of history, and replaced with a particle cloud.

But the Emerald viewer also have such a bug and appearance mode not fixing this.
Here you see Rod standing next me.
Next time it happens, please test the following:
   - TPing out and back into the sim
   - moving out of draw distance (1k in height or something) and back
   - Make sure no asset issues are going on at the time
The fact that the shape doesn't get fixed by appearance mode and/or replacing shapes also points at an asset issue.

The fix for missing textures on your avatar, which usually everyone can see but you (the white pyjamas syndrome). Press Control/Alt/D (letter D, not Delete) to obtain the Client Menu at the top of your screen, then choose Character... Rebake Textures. Finally go in and out of the Appearances Menu by right clicking on your avatar. This usually clears the problem and makes the textures on your clothes visible again.
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