Sunday, February 28, 2010

Edward Maya - Stereo Love vs James Last - Biscaya

Last night, at the T.R.A.C.S. party, Tim played "Stereo Love". I did hear the song before but this time a other song came up also in my head. Listen. ( you can turn of  the Flash Player on the bottom of this page by clicking the button II )

Eduard Marian Ilie (29 June 1986, Bucharest, Romania), also known as Edward Maya, is a producer, performer, composer and musician from Romania. He graduated from George Enescu Music High School in Bucharest and is currently a final year student at the Bucharest Conservatory.
In the summer of 2009, Maya launched his first song as an artist, "Stereo Love", topping number 2 in the Romanian singles charts. Later that year, "Stereo Love", became a hit in clubbing places all over the world. This success was followed by concerts worldwide, with the song reaching the pop charts Greece, Brazil, Albania, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Egypt, Belgium, Spain, Italy,Turkey, Cyprus, France etc.
"Stereo Love" received nearly 20 million YouTube views in approximately 6 months.

James Last (born Hans Last on 17 April 1929 in Bremen) is a German composer and big band leader.
Though his concerts and albums are consistently successful, especially in the United Kingdom, where he had 52 hit albums between 1967 and 1986, which made him second only to Elvis Presley in charting records. He had only two hit singles with "The Seduction", the theme from American Gigolo (1980) composed by Giorgio Moroder, and "Biscaya" from the album Biscaya (1982)

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