Saturday, February 13, 2010

- - - GREENIES - - - A builder exploring Second Life [A Continuous Story]

Alone I've already visited the world of the Greenies several times. Last week I went with Rod and Tim. Jenna came later to join us. This world starts in a tunnel below ground level. Walking through the tunnel, you'll see some pieces of newspapers here and there, like the article about the UFO that was found at Roswell. A sign for the things you may expect later on.
At the end of the tunnel, you'll crawl through a hole into the side of a house. Nothing special so far, although the house looks rather empty. Until you're eventually really taken aback when walking through the rooms, to the front door. Only then the house you just walked through really appears to be a dollhouse instead..........
....and from the threshold of that dollhouse you look in the room of a home where for sure giants must be living! (Or you could believe that your avatar has shrunk all of a sudden, like I heard someone ask for in fear!) As for yourself, you're even not big enough to look over a can of beer.....
Because the real kick comes from the room, especially the size and detailed work of it.
And most dangerous of all, a cat the size of my house is looking hungrily at a Greenie who has invaded his feed bowl. The cat’s name, of course, is Astro, and the Greenie, seeming to tremble in fear, gingerly offers it a piece of food.
I once read Erik of Het klein instectenboek (Erik or The little book about insects), written by Godfried Bomans in the period of surrealism, and later I saw a movie Honey, I shrunk the Kids, one of those feel-good Walt Disney family comedy's. But anyway, the thing that book and movie have in common, are little people, who somehow become dropped in a world of giants..
Now Erik was getting smaller himself and stepped happily into the painting called Wollewei to learn something about insects and also the kids from the movie became little themselves.. Being with the Greenies that's all a little less obvious. Are you that small yourself or is that room just that big?
But there is more than just the house. Hidden in cabinets in this massive room are teleport pods.
We landed in a drawer. Jenna, curious as always, almost killed herself, jumping on a mouse trap.
As blond I know Tipp-ex very well (I still scratching it from my screen), but i did not know you can become high from it.
Greenies seems to get high from human boobies.
But to put it briefly: quite an experience! The combination of good design, use of colors, music, sound effects, the movie playing on television, the funny little space men, the other avatars who're walking around.. Everything fits so perfectly into this virtual world, that for sure you may say this is one of the best places that I've been visiting so far!

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