Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Update

Again sometime time is past but finally I got some pictures of the Halloween party at T.R.A.C.S. Again I forgot to make some snapshots but thankfully Sulie did.

Sulie sells hand carved solid teak panels in a shop at Thimothy Street.
You can even buy the originals. Or as he says on his shield in the shop:
Works of art in both worlds, but much more affordable here in sl.
Sulie Criss
Halloween oktober 31rd 2009
The party started and Sulie, as queen of hearts and Curtis, as pumpkin, where the first guests.
Later more guest came and here are a few other shots.
Wedding of Galen and Wylde november 1st 2009
A other wedding where we went this month.
It was in a Venetian style. After that there was ball masque but we did not had clothes for that and went home. Otavia, Galen’s sister told me that we did missed a lot because it was a great ball.
Rod's new clothes
Rod found some time to make some clothes and dad (Echo Douglas) made the add with me as model.
Later Tim and I made this add at Timothy Street

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