Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poems of Finesse

It must a day of poems. After all the reading about Anne Sexton, I been thinking of Finesse and that I never post this poem that Odric send me some time ago. I Post it with the note card he send with it.

Dear Friends of Finesse Nolan,
Maybe I missed it or there was no Memorial for Finesse. So I want to take this chance to get in contact to you.
I have tried to buy Finesses Land - direct from Linden. I wanted to keep as it Finesse left - but it is against their (LL) regulations - they claim the land, clear it and sell the land via auction.
Finesses Land is sold now and the new owner rezzed buildings. Nothing reminds the old owner - It was hard for me to see - but I guess that’s life....
I shared with Finesse one important thing: We exchanged our writings, poems and stories.
So I want to send you a story Finesse wrote in Dec. 08
She did not give me the permission to share it with someone else - but I guess in this situation she wouldn't mind as its not a personal story. I hope you like and enjoy reading this!
Thank you for reading
With love,
At Night in the Woods by Finesse Nolan

The woods are quiet tonight, but listen:
There are whispers wandering through the darkness,
liquid night music drifting through branches,
rippling softly through the darkness to pool here and there …
would you drown in those shadow shallows
if you dared venture there?

A breeze dances briefly, fingering leaves,
causing them to rustle,
shivering and trembling like virgins
fearing its touch yet welcoming it.
Or perhaps they welcome the playful touches
And the susurrus is a greeting… or applause?

The small stream gurgles and burbles to itself
whispering little stories of where it has been,
what it has tasted in its travels.
A small vortex forms opening a swirling mouth,
and with a sly little chuckle, it gulps down a floating leaf,
and hurries on to other places far from this wooded place.

Night animals, eyes large with the need to see,
move in the darkness, rustling through the leaf carpet
creeping and crawling, sliding and gliding, prowling
each after the manner of its kind seeking sustenance.
Their small sounds in the ambient air of the cool darkness
meld and merge, each playing its own musical part
in the quiet symphony of the woods at night.

Finesse Nolan

Avatar Name: Finesse Nolan
Birthday: 2006-02-10
Last seen online: december 2008
died in real at february 23, 2009
On her profile:
"And sometimes you turn around, and there he is, the one you have been looking for for such a long time, exactly where he has been all the time!"

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