Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday october 5th 2008

This morning, when I logged in, Sir William sends me an IM. He asks me if my feet also hurt me, after that long dancing yesterday. His did. He told me he did some shopping at Rooster and I told him about Vitaman. Both shops I like a lot. I showed him the shop. After Sir William bought his things and get the freebie, he told about his new pup.
He is a builder and owns a sim. Sir William showed me the Sim and yes it looks great.
Here are some photo’s I took there.
Later this Sunday Abadon sends me an IM. Abadon and I become friends at Master party.
He told me that he remember me from Gor. I asked him, “Brother, why did you remember me? My avatar is not the same as when I was at Gor.” I my self had not special memories about Abadon but some how his name did sounded familiar. He told me: “It’s not the avie babe but the name and why I remember it is cosh it is a very South African name”.
We did IM a little more and than he told me he have also an open Sim, just as I.
( I get the idea that all the slaves have a Sim lol))
I invite him to my Sim and showed him around and when we where at Tim’s house Tim logged in and joined us.Abadon told us some things about his history and that he had to solve some problems at SL.
After Tim showed Abadon his house and we both showed him the rest of the Sim, we went to his Sim. Just before we logged out Master came on line and we went to him and give him a hug and kiss and all logged out

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