Sunday, October 5, 2008

Master's Rez day

Week 40
Last week we al where very busy with Master’s first rez day. That is the day that he was born at SL. Tim came up with the idea to give a party and Levi with the idea to have a small party on Tuesday September 30, master’s official Rez day, for just the four of us.
He would make a Faberge egg and than we would place our gifts in it. He would help Tim and me to make our things. I came up with the idea to give Master a corsage for his suites that he wears, now he is a shop owner. Levi is a great builder and a good teacher to. But this time it was hard to follow his instruction to make a flower, that I become angry and run to my house and cool off making a simple vase with red roses and a song in it. Building is helping me to think and I saw that run away, saying nothing, was not good. I felt bad about my behaviour but still felt anger in side and I went back to Tim and Levi. They where both very angry. My wise brother Tim told in one line what happen between Levi and me. That was as a cold bucket of water thrown over me. Tim did accept my apologize but it took me longer with Levi. Happily later that night and with the help of Master, we could hug again.
On Tuesday we had our small party with Master. Tim brought a great “happy Rez day” cake and we had a great evening with Master, with dancing on You Tube clips that we uploaded.
Wednesday Tim did send the invitations to the people on the list we made. Friday I had much trouble with my computer so I was unable to help Tim and our neighbour Franz with the decorations for he party.
Saturday we brothers did shop a little to get some clothes for the party. At 17:00 CET Master came online and we had to keep him a way from Tiger’s Isle where the party would start at 19:00. Happily Master wanted to clean the cellar and then we went to look for a lab dance.
When we took Master to Tiger’s Isle, he was very surprised and even more when some good friends of him came to the party. We had a great time. When Rez, our DJ, had to leave, Fauxy took over and played some of Master’s favourite’s songs. After 5 hours the party was over.
Later that night I had a long conversation with Master. We talked about the first day we met and about our relation. Exhausted and happy I want to bed and slept very well.
This week was also a week of friendship. I made new friends, old friends came back and to some I become closer. I even met Fetch again. He was my brother at Gor. He was there when I came to White Water Falls not long after my own Rez day. But that’s a story I will tell later.

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