Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drama and Winter Island

Week 41 & Week 42 I am always the guy that says: Not mix SL with RL. But more than ones I see that it is a thin line. Behind every avatar is a real person. The man or woman behind the keyboard has real feelings and emotions. I know that I am real and when my avatar becomes emotional, it is me, the real guy that is emotional.
When I started at Second Live at some places I see a sign with: “NO DRAMA”.
At that time I did not know what they mending with doe’s words.

Week 41 was full with drama and week 42 starting with it. I not want to say a thing about it anymore. There is already bin said enough.

The last few days I am cleaning my tropical island because it will be soon a winter island. I made some photo’s for does who never saw it and for my own sweet memories.
The Island
The Main House

Living Room
Piano Room
Office and Dance Place
Aquarium under the Main House
Aquarium Room
Path to the...........
Guest House
First Floor
Second Floor
Third floor
Mountain House
Mountain House viewed from the Forrest
Gym under the Mountain House
Gym other angle view
Light House and Tim's House

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