Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pop meets the Classics

If I Had Words
"If I Had Words" is a 1978 UK hit song by Scott Fitzgerald as a duet with Yvonne Keeley. Yvonne Keeley (born Yvonne Paaij, 6 September 1952) is a Dutch pop music singer. She is the sister of Patricia Paay. Her surname is often misspelled as Keely. Most notably she performed as a duet with Scott Fitzgerald on the song "If I Had Words”. Keeley was part of the group the Star Sisters which was popular in the Netherlands during the 1980s.

The tune was taken from the main theme of the Maestoso section of Saint-SaĆ«ns' Symphony No.3 in C minor (Symphony with organ) with an added reggae beat. (The theme used in the song is first exposed by the strings section in the second movement, pages 126–129.) The lyrics and arrangement were by Jonathan Hodge, a prolific writer of TV jingles and movie themes, who also produced the single.
The backing was by the St Thomas More Roman Catholic School Choir in Chelsea, London.

This song very effectively takes the main theme tune from the final movement of the symphony. Made famous, of course, in the film Babe.
I have no idea why this organ music give me, in a good way, shivers.

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