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The Southern Hemisphere of Earth is the half which is south of the equator. It contains all or parts of five continents (Antarctica, Australia, about 9/10 of South America, the southern third of Africa, and some southern islands in Asia), four oceans (Indian, South Atlantic, Southern, and South Pacific) and most of Oceania. Several islands off the Asian continental mainland are also in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to the tilt of Earth's rotation relative to the Sun and the ecliptic plane, summer is from December to March and winter is from June to September. September 22 or 23 is the vernal equinox and March 20 or 21 is the autumnal equinox.

Brazil climate
It doesn't matter which time of year you choose to visit Brazil, you can always take your swimsuit with you! Most of Brazil lies in the tropics, so there's very little variation in temperatures in the northern part of the country; it's warm all year round. The further south you travel, the more varied temperatures will be - although never as varied as they are in Europe. March to November are dry months and December to February are wet months in Southern Brazil. During the Brazilian winter (June to September) the weather in Rio and the surrounding area is similar to the summertime in Northern Europe. The (rain) forest areas Pantanal and the Amazon, are warm and humid all year round. Tropical north eastern Brazil has two seasons, but you'll hardly notice any difference between the two. The average temperature is 23 ° to 27 ° C all year round.

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