Monday, December 17, 2012

Be A King @ T.R.A.C.S

Last Saturday everyone was welcome at T.R.A.C.S who wanted to BE A KING. And it seems, when looking at the amount of guest, a lot of persons want to be a King or Queen. DJ Beef and hostess Lexzia provide the Royal entertainment. DJ Beef made a great set of songs and went on long, turning the music, during the after party.

Here are some of the pictures I made throughout the party. 

▲▼ DJ Beef & Lexzia
▲ Alvei and martin
▲ Fio, John and Mikey
▲Fio and Racker
▲▼ Tim
▲ Truposz and Ellbee
▲▼ Przemko and Coco
▲ Curtis

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