Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the gay weekend clubs / the parties

Last week I was too late to make a post about
the gay weekend clubs.
Here some pictures of last weekend.
Friday Beach Party @ Open Minds!!!
Summer is still here, it's HOT, and at Open Minds, we're having a Beach Party!
DJ Rik will be rocking the place with the coolest tunes ever, so take off your clothes,
get into your coolest swimsuits, bring your friends and join us.

DJ Tim is back from US and it is time
Party to his hot rocking tunes at T.R.A.C.S on
As always 1000L on board for best in theme
so who will come as Statue of Liberty ?
Sadly we had not much guest but we had a lot of flags.

Saturday at Fabulous Soul Pub
Ricky Flow in Concert
Two pictures Jenna made at the concert. First with Tim, Rod and me
and the second with Jamy and Max
Later in the weekend Jamy did send his thanks and the promo for next weekend.
We want to thank everybody for being at our great party yesterday.
Ricky was great, we are sure you all enjoyed.
He will be back last Saturday of September.
But every week the greatest parties at FabulousSoul Pub.
So here a sneak preview of what u can expect next week...

Sunday in Sweetgrass Pool & Disco, Sexy Formal Party. 

Is it really possible to be sexy in formal dress?
The judgement is yours!
Sunday August 28, the disco has been converted into an exclusive dance club to host 
the Sexy Formal Party.
SLT hot boys in sexy tuxedos will be dancing 
on DJ Xon’s exciting tunes.

Gany made the picture of the winners.

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