Monday, July 4, 2011

Pink weekend

A pink weekend it was last weekend, in real and in Second Life.
First there was the Pink Saturday here in Groningen.
Pink Saturday in Groningen went without significant incidents. Estimated between forty and fifty thousand people came to the party. The feast began Saturday with an ecumenical celebration in the Martini Church. During the service was entered on the theme "space of encounter '. Predecessor Mary Metzlar called on those present to listen to the other, even though that other another religion or a different cultural background.

No Pink Saturday is complete without parade. It was also participated by about 50 police officers and for the first time by the fire department.
A notable appearance in the Parade was the 40-metre-long Rainbow flag worn by showband Marum. The ' Euro Pride Flag ', as it is called, is specially flown in from Brussels and was already in Warsaw and Rome to admire.
 During this Pink Saturday Groningen had the honour of this immense Rainbow flag to show to the public.
Members of the Groningen Municipal Council and employees of the municipality cycled in the parade on pink cycling.
The Feast was musically graced by several performances by, among others, Jim Bakkum, Miss Montreal and the Vengaboys. There was also a particular action of the anniversaries of Gruno's TNT Post harmony in cooperation with the gay choir "Zangzaad".
Next year Pink Saturday is in Haarlem.

In Second Life there was Friday the party at Open Minds. Again I forgot to make pictures.
Also I not made pictures at a party at Club7Arts
I did chat with Sevenart about gay movies and he recommend to watch Fellini's movie "Satyricon". Its one of his favourites, he told me. "Dead in Venice" is still one of my favourites. I did get a copy of "Satyricon" so I can watch it soon. It seems that good gay movies are made by Italians. ~grins~
Okay, Death in Venice is based on the novella Death in Venice by Thomas Mann and he was German.

Saturday we had our party at T.R.A.C.S. with DJ Racker. He did a great job and we hope we will have him back, as guest DJ, in September.
At 11 CET, the party at Fabulous starts, so when I cleaned the club and put off the lights, I went to the pub for the crazy shorts and skirts party.
Sunday (at 3 am CET) there is always the party at Coral Reef.
Ellbee is so often at our parties and I so less at Coral Reef that I got my Dutch flag swim trunks on at went to the party there. 
Again I forgot to make pictures.

In Sweet Grass, also on Sunday, the Tattered & Torn Party.
 Gany made the picture of the winners.
 Last, but not least, I have to mention that Gins Allen have a concert on Friday July 8th.

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