Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Groningen Pink City 2011

Johan Peter Rehwinkel (Groningen, June 19, 1964) is a Dutch politician. Since September 14, 2009 he is the Mayor of the municipality GroningenPeter Rehwinkel comes without problems, out for his homosexual orientation.
He was active in the field of integration of homosexuals in society.
In particular, homosexuality in Islam has its attention. He was a member of a recommendation from the Yoesuf Foundation, which deals with the emancipation of homosexuals with an Islamic background.
On 29 August 2008, he married as the first mayor with someone of the same sex.
His spouse is KRO-journalist Michel Zeegelaar. The couple lives in Groningen.

Sunday, June 19, 2011, our Mayor Peter Rehwinkel had his birthday. And who has his birthday, gets presents. In the framework of Pink Saturday on July 2, Peter Rehwinkel got on Monday 20 June in the City Hall handed over a pink bicycle. A gift from the municipal officials. "So, that's a tough one! Great! ", responded the Mayor. For the eye of cameras and photo lenses he cycled a few rounds on his new bike through the Hall of the City Hall.
Although new.... It is an orphan bike, which for a long time unused in the city was towed away, and the environmental Department is spray-painted pink specially for Pink Saturday.

Pink Parade
The pink bicycles are to be admired during the Rose Parade, on Pink Saturday 2 July.
The parade is for employees of institutions and organizations in the city who want to show that they have a ' pink heart '. Gay or straight, that doesn't matter, everyone is welcome.
The municipality of Groningen also participates, on pink cycling. There are in the environmental Department sprayed pink 80 orphan cycling: men's and women's models, large and small. The Councillors and municipal officials share along the way mints out and try to persuade spectators to walk in the parade. 
Under the motto: ' nice to meet you '.Charity
The intention is that the pink bicycles are sold after the parade. Thus get the bikes and second or perhaps third life. And supply the buyers with a positive contribution to a sustainable and clean city. The proceeds will go to the Platform Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & transgender (LGBT) Groningen. Peter Rehwinkel: "I would also have to do with this bike: resell."

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