Friday, June 24, 2011

Parties. An update

 After we had to leave Christo Island because our landlady, it does not bear thinking about, had trouble or she made, with Linden Lab. So we cleaned the sim and left. We spend sometime on some parcels we rent and we, Tim Rod and I, talked about if we would get us a new sim. It was good to talk and discuss and for me to cool down. After a few weeks I did start building again and Tim and Rod did start breeding horses. More about that in a future post. What would be best was the question. Have our own sim or rent again. Both have a risk. Dad (Echo Douglas) would even invest if we would have our own sim. "I love you dad". Finally we decide that we would rent again.
In the mean time Fabulous Pub did start there parties on Saturday at 21:00 CET. I became furious because, I have been told that Jamy, owner of the Fabulous Pub, was send to me to discuss it with us. But we never got an IM. My ice bucket, where I stick my head in to cool off and protect me not to get banned, was empty and at an Open Minds Party I let the devil out. That made Bernard angry and made the drama complete. Okay, to make a long story short, Jamy and I became friends and he have his party on Saturday on 23:00 CET now. How in the future things will go, we will see.

On April 30th we made a start, on our new sim, with the parties. Because the Club was not rebuild, we did start at the basement and pool of our house.
The second party was at the front and beach.
The third at the yacht harbor. Lubos Hawker, a new friend, made the picture and send it to me.

Party number four was at the front of the new club. I not have any pictures of that party.
Tim always makes the text for the promos and he wrote for this:
Saturday May 21st NOON SLT (9PM CET) to Timothy Square on River Island 
for a good old village fair party with DJ Mayor Tim rocking the town. As always 1000L on board for best outfit... whatever you think fits for a village fair. ;-)

Than we been back at the new club. we also made a start with guest DJs and Jeff was the first.

Our last party was the Fiesta Mexicana party.

After our party I went to Fabulous for a clown's party and, wow, I won.

Last but not least some pictures of the Sunday Party in Sweet Grass.

The picture of the winners is made by Gany.

That was all about my hot head, T.R.A.C.S. and the parties.
Jenna made a new promo for the regular DJs. You doing a great job, sis.

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