Sunday, May 22, 2011

the gay weekend clubs

Open Minds Dance Club
Hey guys!
This Friday at Open Minds, we're having a punk party! 
Get into your coolest punk outfits, don't forget the mohawk and 
punk attitude, and join us at 9 om cet 12 slt!
DJ Zahara will be rocking the place with the coolest tunes ever,
and we will have the sploder and quiz ready!
Bring your friends and come party with us!


Construction work on our new T.R.A.C.S club is still ongoing - but wait....
right in front of it is our new town square. So come all on
Saturday May 21st NOON SLT (9PM CET) to
Timothy Square on River Island for a good old village fair party with
DJ Mayor Tim rocking the town. As always 1000L on board for best outfit...
whatever you think fits for a village fair. ;-)

Sweetgrass Pool & Disco
Ahoy, matey! All pirates be goin next Sunday May 22 to Sweetgrass Pool and 
Disco from 21:00-24:00 CET / 12:00 AM-3:00 PM SLT. 
Many cute boys are to be robbed and some will surrender to you. 
Arrr!... Keep your loof and the raft will bring your doubloons on yer furner. 
Be careful with your swords and guns while dancing in the pirate haven 
on the hornpipe of Pirate DJ Xon.
Arrr!...Shiver me timbers!! Sexy hearties, you can loot 1000 L$ in the contest!!!
Ganymede and the team

Photos Norbie and Gany made of the winners at the last few parties.

Tim, at the vampire party, and as we never seen him before.

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