Monday, November 22, 2010

Skateboard Party in Sweetgrass

Original invitation
Sunday November 21 the crowd gathers in Sweetgrass Pool & Disco to join the amazing skateboarders warm up and showing some nose bluntslides and inverts. As some are ruling the mini ramp with nice flow and endless lines the world-renown DJ Jamy will be spinning the turntables.
The party starts at 21.00 CET (12 PM PDT) and ends with an unbelievable final at 24.00 CET (3PM PDT) with a 1000 L$ prize for the most sexy skateboard outfit.
Norbie and the team

Just a few pictures I made at the party. Gany made a great set you can find at:
The picture of the winners is, as always, made by Ganymede.
Next party in Sweetgrass
Sunday November 28: Angels & Devils with DJ Xon

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