Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Party at Sweetgrass

Orginal Group Notice From: Sweetgrass Sim Group
Today is HALLOWEEN!!! Sweetgrass Pool & Disco has been changed into a haunted world! Spooky, kooky, creepy, and fun! Halloween is the time of Ghosts, Goblins, Gravestones and Graveyards. Of Spooks and Spirits. Of Witches and Scary Black Cats, Pumpkins and Bats.Gates open from 21:00-24:00 CET / 1PM-4PM PDT. Entertainment by DJ Xon with his Halloween music. Dress to the theme and join the 1000L$ contest for the Most Scary Halloween Outfit.
Norbie and the team
Okay, you are right, a lot of pictures of Rod, but I loved the avatar he got for this event.
The last picture of the winners is, as always, made by Ganymede.
You really have to have a look at the Sweetgrass weblog for a great set Gany made and in nice filmstrip view. Gany is getting better and better with his pictures.
I did not read the invitation that was clear when I entered the contest. There was 1000L$ to win for the most scary Halloween Outfit. Even do I had a pussy in my underwear, and that is scary for a guy, I was out of theme. But I love the outfit that I got from Vitamen.

For me Vitamen Hax is the best male underwear maker on second life.

Yesterday I saw that my first purchase was short after I came on Second Life. I think it was in a small shop in the old Boystown. You really must have a look in his main shop.

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