Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wedding of Cat and Bono

Tim and I were cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of  Cat and Bono.

I think most of the readers know Cat and Bono. Cat is a deejay and a blues lover. But I think she loves all kind of music. When Cat has a gig T.R.A.C.S she always finds the best songs in theme. I met Cat for the first time when she was deejay at the Guitar Museum. One day I dear to ask her if she could do a gig at the beach on River Island and she said yes. After the party she told me that she loved the beach and the beach house and asked me if she could rent it. Sure she could and she still lived there till her marriage with Bono. 

Bono is owner of the Guitar Museum. I started to go often to the Guitar Museum because there were lots of great performants of life artist. On one night he told me than he was a guitar player in real life and on a day, after the guest left, he let me listen to some of his guitar play. Sometime after that he started to accompany a solo artist (sorry I forgot her name). Months later he went solo and plays almost daily at several venues on SL. 
Me, at our house, getting ready to go to the wedding
The Groom
Miss Cat had the idea that I had to "give her away". So here Bono and I are waiting till the ceremony would begin.................
and we waited even more.
Than the ceremony started
The group picture
It was wonderful to see and hear Lisa (Brune) again at the wedding party
I did send my brother Caasper a taxi to listen to Lisa. He was to shy to come near because he was not dressed for a wedding but he loved her singing.
The party went on with more music and artists. Tim and I had a great time.


Carl said...

A beautiful set of photos. A beautiful couple. I wish them much happiness.

Christo Spyker said...

I will tell them, Carl