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Hot Hot Hot

HOT·ter, hot·test
1. a. Having or giving off heat; capable of burning.
    b. Being at a high temperature.
2. Being at or exhibiting a temperature that is higher than normal or desirable: a hot forehead.
3. Causing a burning sensation, as in the mouth; spicy: hot peppers; a hot curry.
4. a. Charged or energized with electricity: a hot wire.
    b. Radioactive, especially to a dangerous degree.
5. a. Marked by intensity of emotion; ardent or fiery: a hot temper.
    b. Having or displaying great enthusiasm; eager: hot for travel.
6. a. Informal Arousing intense interest, excitement, or controversy: a hot new book; a hot topic.
    b. Informal Marked by excited activity or energy: a hot week on the stock market.
    c. Violent; raging: a hot battle.
7. Slang Sexually excited or exciting.
8. Slang a. Recently stolen: a hot car.
              b. Wanted by the police: a hot suspect.
9. Close to a successful solution or conclusion: hot on the trail.
10. Informal  a. Most recent; new or fresh: a hot news item; the hot fashions for fall.
                     b. Currently very popular or successful: one of the hottest young talents around.
                     c. Requiring immediate action or attention: a hot opportunity.
11. Slang Very good or impressive. Often used in the negative: I'm not so hot at math.
12. Slang Funny or absurd: told a hot one about the neighbors' dog.
13. Slang  a. Performing with great skill and daring: a hot drummer.
                 b. Having or characterized by repeated successes: a player who is on a hot streak.
                 c. Fast and responsive: a hot sports car.
                 d. Unusually lucky: hot at craps.
14. Music Of, relating to, or being an emotionally charged style of performance marked by strong rhythms           and improvisation: hot jazz.
15. Bold and bright.

Hot Hot Hot
"Hot Hot Hot" is a song written and first recorded by Montserrat musician Arrow featured on his 1982 studio album, Hot Hot Hot. The song became an instant dance floor hit and was later covered by artists around the world, most notably in 1987 by American singer David Johansen under the name Buster Poindexter. The song was produced by Leston Paul from Trinidad and Tobago.
The song was Arrow's first chart hit, peaking at No. 59 on the UK Singles Chart. A remix of the song, dubbed as the "World Carnival Mix '94" was later released in 1994 and peaked better than the original, peaking at No. 38 on the UK Singles Chart.

Buster Poindexter version
The song was later covered in 1987 by David Johansen in his Buster Poindexter persona and released as the first single from his album Buster Poindexter. It garnered extensive airplay through radio, MTV, and other television appearances. The music video is unique in the fact that it crosses the two identities: Despite being in the Buster Poindexter persona, the video begins with Johansen briefly mentioning his role in the New York Dolls, showing the band's vinyl and tossing them aside while talking about the "really outrageous clothes" he wore and how he evolved into a "refined and dignified kind of a situation", which leads into the song.
In an interview on National Public Radio, Johansen called the tune "the bane of my existence," owing to its pervasive popularity as a karaoke and wedding song. The Johansen version of the song has long served as the opening theme for Jimmy Buffett's concert appearances.
Bill Murray appears in the music video; Johansen would later costar with Murray in the 1988 movie, Scrooged. In the extended mix, Buster Poindexter says the word "hot" 137 times.

Other cover versions
The song was covered in 1985 by Indian duo Babla & Kanchan recorded as "Kuchh Gadbad Hai" in Hindi. It was also later covered by popular Latin teen group Menudo. In 1986 it was covered by the Central American Grupo Rana as "Caliente Caliente" (credited to Alfonso Cassell, Arrow's official name) in their record De La Cabeza A Los Pies Rana Otra Vez!!

In 2010, the track was sampled by British electro DJ Hervé in his track "Hot! Drum Attack".

In 2013, reggaeton artist Don Omar released a cover titled, "Feeling Hot" for his upcoming live album Hecho en Puerto Rico. His version peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States. Omar's cover led to Arrow posthumously wining the ASCAP Latin Award on the Urban category.

Also in 2013, the track was re-interpreted/covered by Dutch eurodance group Vengaboys in their track of the same name. This cover adds a dutch house sounding drop, a reggaeton style rap and extra lyrics.

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