Wednesday, April 2, 2014

To rez or not to rez: that is the question 18

Last Sunday, Sweetgrass had a Farmers Party.
Ganymed wrote about it:
Last Sunday the disco was filled with many animals like cows, a rabbit, a cat and even a scarecrow! And last but not least with many sexy visitors in overalls. DJ Frankie performed magnificent music in the country of Sweetgrass! 
The contest is won by Bailey, Luca, Gay, Pietro and Simplicior, congrats boys!
You can see the pictures at: ""
I came as rabbit. A nice made mesh one. Sort after I arrived, Gay told me in IM that the eyes of the rabbit where not on the right place and he sends me this picture.
After a rebake and a relog nothing was changed. I asked Ganymede how he saw me and he sends me the next picture. The avi even looks weirder.
The next picture is how I saw myself. I have know idea what the reason is that peeps saw me strange and I saw myself well rezzed.
Was I a winner? ............Course not! :-)

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