Sunday, November 10, 2013

SF Design - avatar clothing by swaffette Firefly

Last Wednesday Tim and I went to the party of Sf Design's 9th anniversary.
Swaffette Firefly is founder and designer for SF Design
When I came to Second Life, on October 28, 2007, swaffette was already making clothes.
Not that long after my arrival I had my first acquaintance with SF Design, I think at that time it was named SFD, at the Second Guy Clothiers mall in Sweetgrass.
I did remember the place but had to ask Norbie about the name of the mall. Norbie told me also that the mall was first on the ground and later in the sky.
What I remember about the clothes swaffette made that time, are the pirate outfits.
I do not remember when the Second Guy Clothiers mall closed but the SF design shop did show up often at Gay places all over the grid. At that time I bought often formal clothes at her shops. When we got Christo Island I asked her if she would open a shop at our sim and she did.
That was also the day swaffette and I became friends. Not close friends, but we send Christmas cards to each other and sometimes we have small chats.
In March 2012 swaffette asked me to model in one of creations for Fashion For Life, the event raising funds for the American Cancer Society via SL.
I was in a hurry because of rl issues and I was not that familiar with mesh that time so I think it was my first and last time as model. But I was proud that swaffette asked me and Tim and Rod had to hear that a for a long time. I did a better job when I wore it (this time the white version), when Tim and I went to the party. 
Swaffette Firefly
Esme, on the left, in a great outfit made by Swaffette

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