Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Head / Oops, I did it again

I can be a hot head and I am not happy with it. It’s more, that I am not happy with my actions when I am on steam temperature. Not that I hit people or start to yell or calling people all kind of things. Okay, I have to be honest, I did that in the past but I did learn to keep my mouth. Now, I am a guy that becomes quit and pulls back. I have wonderful lovers that know me when I do this and ask me “what is wrong?” Today something happened that get my head on boiling-point and I did teleport to an other sim. I am happy that all became well after that but I felt bad that I did again. Thinking and surfing on the net I found this.

Are You a Hot Head?
If you’re the quick-trigger, pissed-off type, then bully for you. Looks like you’re more apt to get things done.
A recent article in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin says that quick-to-blow individuals are better at thinking critically than those passive types. The reason being? Anger is a motivator which allows you to quickly identify the cause of an issue and put it to bed. So the next time someone gets on your case for your fiery temper, tell them your hot headedness is all about resolution - assuming your actions are within reason, of course.

Still, I will try and will do better with my actions.

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