Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finesse Nolan

Finesse Nolan

Saturday I got the news that my teacher at Gor and friend at SL, died in real at february 23, 2009. In memorial I place her poem. I will miss you, Finesse

Pixel People

I was told that Pixel People are not real,
so "not real" Pixel People do not feel,
and it clearly follows then, of course,
that Pixel People feel no remorse.

So no one cares if Pixel People sigh,
and no one cares if Pixel People cry.
No one cares if unkind words are spoken,
and no one cares when Pixel hearts are broken.

Pixel People cannot be fools,
nor can they act like stubborn mules.
Pixel People do not lie, they may prevaricate,
and Pixel People do not die, they simply hibernate.

That's all I can ever hope to be,
just a Pixel Person.........pathetic me.
Not even a good one either.........sigh.
You see, I think, i feel, I cry.

The end...
All rights reserved,
Finesse Nolan
Independence Day 2008

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